Hydro Quad

Water Treatment, Water Filtration, Water SoftenerHydro Quad – We call it “The Silent Maid™”

The uses for good water are endless and the reasons for owning the Hydro-Quad and the Ultra Micron Filtration System are just as endless.  The Hydro-Quad is the finest, most exclusive water processing system in the industry.  No water softener can do all that the Hydro-Quad does.  This exclusivity is guaranteed by several U.S. Patents.

The Hydro-Quad performs four distinct functions of filtration. First the high capacity activated carbon for chlorine and chemical removal. Next is softening with the exclusive high-capacity lon-O-Lite C-32-M resin. It makes your water zero soft at every location in your home.  The clarifier provides adjustment of acid and alkiline water problems. Last, the quartz filter bed removes heavier particals and assures even distribution of water throughout the bed.

In order to keep the resins clean and functioning at their peak, brine water is drawn from the brine tank and flushed over them periodically.  This regeneration is accomplished automatically and puts the system back in service by the control module. It is the most efficient system on the market today.

The United Standard Hydro-Quad makes it easy to solve your water problems and is guaranteed for a lifetime!