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Water Softeners and Treatment SystemsCelebrating our 22nd year in business, Mountain Pure Water Systems is locally owned and operated by Farley Ferguson of Thompsontown, PA.  Established in 1990 and later incorporated in 1996, after 11 years of doing business from an office located in Mifflintown, PA, in 2001 we expanded to a more spacious facility in Millerstown, PA. Due to a continuously growing industry, in 2005 Mountain Pure added an additional 16,000 square foot warehouse adjacent to our corporate office in Millerstown. This accomodated our growing service department which now includes general plumbing services as well as continuing to service our existing customers. We provice water treatments systems, softeners and filters for home or business. Call us today 800-488-8959

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Water Softeners

A Mountain Pure water softener can improve the water in your home. The Hydro-Quad is the finest, most exclusive water processing system in the industry. It is designed to give you the highest quality processed water, not just soft water. This exclusivity is guaranteed by U.S. Patents. Read More…

Water Filtration

Filtered Water Solutions from Mountain Pure provide you with cleaner, healthier drinking water for your home or business. The Ultra Micron filtration system combines submicron ultra-filtration with reverse osmosis and absorption filtration to produce high-quality drinking water for the home. Read More…

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What our clients say about our Water Softeners and Water Treatment Systems

  • I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with our Hydro-Quad water treatment system, which we have had for almost three months. As you know, I was searching for a quality water system which would enhance our family’s constant quest for living a healthier lifestyle. Thank You again for providing such a high quality product. I appreciate how easy it is to maintain the system on a monthly basis, and I would certainly recommend the Mountain Pure Water System to anyone who is concerned about the quality of their water.
    01 – Paula Pendorf
  • The peace of mind my husband and I get from the Mountain Pure Water System is truly a blessing. My husband and I have lived in our home for six years and had apparently grown immune to the taste of chlorinated water because I never noticed how bitter tasting our town water was until I drank the Mountain Pure Water. I finally look forward to drinking a glass of water. I noticed my husband drinks a lot more water too.
    02 – Amy M. Good C.M.T
    loyal client
  • You said my clothes would be cleaner – they are. You said I would have less lint in my dryer – I do. You said my skin (and that of my family) would be softer and cleaner – it is. You said my mirrors would not fog up when taking showers – they don’t. You said Mike’s coffee, my tea, and my children’s juices would taste better – they do. You said I would have no use for my other cleaners and would only need to use yours – it’s true! I just tonight got tape marks off my wall with your all-purpose cleaner. I hadn’t been able to get them off with any of the others I still had left – Mr. Clean, etc. I get more suds from the soap and cleaner, my toilet bowls, bathtubs, and showers don’t seem to get the rings and need to be cleaned as often. My dishes and glasses no longer have a film on them!
    03 – Deborah Caudell
  • I have to admit that I was very cynical about Mountain Pure Water Systems, or any sales pitch from any company for that matter. However, I am so glad that we decided to listen to what you had to say! We are thrilled with our water now. Before we had the system installed, we had very hard water. This left orange rings in the tubs, sinks and toilets. Scrubbing would take care of this, but only for a very short time. In a matter of days, the awful orange stains would return. I am happy to report that since we installed the system almost 90 days ago, I have scrubbed my shower once, and it still looks fantastic!
    04 – Megan Ely
  • We have had our Mountain Pure Water System for about a month now, and cannot believe the difference! The first thing we noticed was how much softer our hair and skin felt after showering! Even our 8 year old daughter couldn’t get over how much easier it was to comb through her long hair after washing it! One more thing I must include…health is always a concern for people, but what we really appreciate it that our 4 year old diabetic son has excellent water to drink, which can only help in keeping him healthy. Staying healthy is difficult enough without having to worry about what is going into your body when drinking your water. Thank you so much. We absolutely love drinking “Fresh-Squeezed”!
    05 – Mark and Carolyn Sweeney
    happy client
  • We have always wanted to do something about our water. Our water has a very sulfer taste. No one enjoyed consuming anything that was made with it, and at times, it was unbearable to take a shower. We would collect five gallons of water from a neighbor for drinking and cooking. The numerous other improvements that have come with cleaner water have made life much more pleasant and safer. Our family has seen a most improved quality of life, from skin complexion to the clear fresh taste of our Kool-Aid. Thank You again.
    06 – Donald Pinci and Family
  • We have had our Mountain Pure Water for about 4 months now and there is no way that we could be without it. We have become so accustomed to the fresh taste of our water that we can’t drink the water at our favorite restaurants anymore. It’s unbelievable how you can actually smell a glass of water sitting across the table a t a restaurant because it has so much chlorine in it. We were on our honeymoon in St. Lucia last month and the one thing we missed about home – our water! We both said we could’nt wait to go home and take a shower in our own water, not to mention drinking a tall glass of crystal clear water. I am so happy that cleaning has gotten much easier. The bathroom stays cleaner longer because there are no more pesky residues and it’s easier to clean everything with one bottle instead of dozens. Clothes are brighter and there isn’t any more lint to clean out of the dryer. Spots on clothing, upholstery and carpets are removed easily with only water. Undoubtedly, everyone should have a Mountain Pure Water System.
    07 – Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Shreck
  • Recently, we purchased your water purification system and my wife and I are pleased so far with the results. It is fantastic to not have to buy cases upon cases of (inferior) bottled water at the grocery store on a weekly basis. Now we can drink our own water and know that is is pure and clean We also have peace of mind in knowing that the thirty-plus ounces of water that each of our infant twins consume daily with their formula is free of harmful contaminants. Also, cutting back on the amounts of water-soluble products that we buy has been helpful for us financially. My wife and I look forward to many years of satisfaction with our Mountain Pure Water System. Thank You for your dependability and support.
    08 – Richard Price

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